Lone Star Tactical Supply

Lone Star Tactical Supply is a veteran owned business, founded by shooters, for shooters. We focus on first responder sales, sales to order, transfers, LTC classes, and more.


WRMCX-11B-TAP-SBR - MCX SBR, 11.5", 556 - (limited stock) eFile 65~100 days!
WRMCX-16-TAP - MCX Patrol Carbine, 556 - (limited stock)
WRM400-556N-16B-PRO - M400 PRO 16" Carbine - (backordered)
WR716I-16B - Sig 716I, 7.62x51 NATO - (backordered)

320 PRO: Full, Carry, and Compact sizes

SKUs are:

W320F-9-BXR3-LDC-PRO - 4.7" barrel, 17rd magazine (limited stock)
W320F-9-BXR3-PRO - 4.7" barrel, 17rd magazine (backordered)
W320F-9-BXR3-TXG-PRO - 4.7" barrel, tungsten grip, 17rd magazine (backordered)
W320CA-9-BXR3-PRO - 3.9" barrel, 17d magazine (in stock)
W320C-9-BXR3-PRO - 3.6" barrel, 15rd magazine (backordered)

320X5-9-LEGION-R2 - 5" bull barrel, 17rd magazine (limited stock)

W320F-9-M17-MS (backordered)
W320F-9-M17-MS-BLK (backordered)
W320CA-9-M18-MS (limited stock)

PRO RXP Guns (Romeo1Pro Red Dot mounted, w/ Xray3 Tall Sights)

W320F-9-BXR3-LDC-PRO-RXP (limited stock)
W320F-9-BXR3-PRO-RXP (backordered)
W320F-9-BXR3-TXG-PRO-RXP (backordered)
W320F-9-BSS-RXP (limited stock)
W320CA-9-BXR3-PRO-RXP (in stock)
W320C-9-BXR3-PRO-RXP-6 (in stock)

365, 365 SAS, 365 XL, and 365 XLZ

We stock the optional 12rd and 15rd magazines.


W365-9-BXR3 - 3.1" barrel, 10rd magazine (backordered)
W365-380-BSS - 3.1" barrel, 380 ACP, 10rd magazine, optic ready (backordered)
W365X-9-BXR3 - 3.1 barrel, 12rd magazine - (limited stock)
W365-9-SAS - 3.1" barrel, non-ported, 10rd magazine, Bullseye FT sight (backordered)
W365XL-9-BXR3 - 3.7" barrel, 12rd magazine, optic ready (in stock)
W365XL-9-BXR3-RXZE - 3.7" barrel, (3) 12rd magazines, RomeoZero-Elite (limited stock) - arrived early!


Classic Line Pistols, including Legion editions available by special order

Xray3 Tall (Suppressor) Sights (in stock)
Romeo1Pro (backordered)
Romeo2 (backordered)
RomeoZero Elite (backordered)
Romeo4T (backordered)
Romeo8T (in stock)


SRD22X - 22 cal - titanium sleeve - (in stock)
MIL-SRD9-MPX - 9mm for MPX - (limited stock)
MODX-9 - 9mm modular (backordered)
MODX-45 - 45 cal modular (backordered)
SLX556C-QD - 5.56 compact quick detach (limited stock)
SLX762-QD - 7.62 quick detach  (backordered)
SLH300TI - 300 BLK cal titanium direct thread (backordered)