We do FFL Transfers all the time (new prices as of July 1, 2022).

  • Cost: $25 flat fee. Multiple transfers at the same time, just +$5 for each additional item.  
  • Discount: $20 for LTC/CHL, veteran, or first responder.
  • $50 for inbound NFA items.

Note: Transfer or sale of multiple pistols, within 5 business days, requires extra paperwork be sent to ATF and the Harris County Sheriff's Dept.


How the process works

Step 1

Purchase the firearm from an online retailer or auction site. When asked, select Lone Star Tactical Supply of Houston, TX, as your FFL.

Most major retailers and auction sites have our FFL information on file. If this is not the case, they'll either request it from us or we'll provide it to them via email. You can speed this process along by providing us their contact email address (for FFLs) and your invoice/auction number and name - submit here via our Contact Form.

Our FFL can be verified on the FFLeZCheck web site, using these numbers: 5-76-04648.

The larger retailers will email us when your firearm ships.


Step 2

We receive shipment, verify the contents (this means we'll open the box), and log the item in as required by ATF.


Step 3

We will notify you when the firearm arrives. At our shop, we'll complete the Firearms Transaction Record (form 4473) and run the NICS background check. The entire process should take about 15 minutes. The NICS check is not required if you are a Texas LTC/CHL holder.

Our regulars hours are 9 - 5, Monday through Friday, and 9 - 3 on Saturdays. Other hours are possible by prior arrangement. Our shop is located inside the security gate at Extra Space Storage on N. Eldridge Pkwy. Call our office number (832-478-9604) for gate access.


Shipping to another FFL

If you want us to ship a firearm to another FFL the fee is $20 + shipping costs.

Unlicensed individuals (you) are prohibited from directly transferring a firearm to a person residing in another State, but an FFL can ship the firearm to another FFL located near that individual and do it for a lower cost.


Private Party Transfers - Inbound

We do accept inbound private party transfers. We require the seller's name and address for our records as well as the buyer's name and phone number (email address is also appreciated) who we will contact when the firearm arrives. Our standard transfer fee is paid by the local buyer.


Local Transfers Between Private Parties

An unlicensed individual (you) may transfer a firearm to another unlicensed individual residing in the same state*, provided that he or she has no reason to believe the buyer is prohibited by law from possessing firearms.

For the comfort of both parties, you may want an FFL to facilitate the transfer.

Procedure: You bring the firearm and meet the buyer at our office. The buyer will fill out a Firearms Transaction Record (form 4473), we'll run the NICS background check, and complete the paperwork. The two private parties then conclude their transaction.

Our standard transfer fee is paid by the buyer.

Abandoned Property

Items left here for one calendar year, with no communication, will be rehoused with a deserving family or donated to a worthy cause.


* Free states only.