Lone Star Tactical Supply

Lone Star Tactical Supply is a veteran owned business, founded by shooters, for shooters. We focus on first responder sales, sales to order, transfers, LTC classes, and more.

365, 365X, XL, LEO Macro/TACOPS, and XLZE

We stock the optional 12rd, 15rd, and 17rd 365 mags.

W365-9-BXR3 - 3.1" barrel, 10rd magazine (in stock)
W365X-9-BXR3 - 3.1" barrel, 12rd magazine - (in stock)
W365X-9-BXR3-RXZE - 3.1" barrel, 12rd magazine, RomeoZero-Elite (low stock)
W365XCA-9-BXR3-RX - 3.7" barrel, (3) 17rd magazines (in stock)
W365XCA-9-BXR3-RXZP-SNS - 3.7" barrel, tall sights, (3) 17rd magazines (low stock)
W365XCA-9-BXR3-RXZE - 3.7" barrel, RomeoZero Elite, (3) 17rd magazines (in stock)
W365-9-SAS - 3.1" barrel, non-ported, 10rd magazine, Bullseye FT sight (special order only)
W365XL-9-BXR3 - 3.7" barrel, 12rd magazine, optic ready (low stock)
W365XL-9-BXR3-RXZE - 3.7" barrel, (3) 12rd magazines, RomeoZero-Elite (low stock)

P322C - 4" barrel, (2) 20rd mags, optic ready, 22 cal pistol (in stock)


LEO/Mil/First Responder Spear LTs are black, but can be ordered in Coyote or 762x39. MCX Rattler config still available

WRMCX-300B-6B-LT-SBR - MCX LT, 6.75" SBR, 300 BLK - (can be backordered)
WRMCX-300B-9B-LT-SBR - MCX LT, 9" SBR, 300 BLK - (backordered)
WRMCX-556N-9B-LT-SBR - MCX LT, 9" SBR, 556 - (can be backordered)
WRMCX-556N-11B-LT-SBR - MCX LT, 11.5" SBR, 556 - (limited stock)
WRMCX-556N-11B-LT-COY-SBR - MCX LT 11.5" SBR, 556, Coyote - (limited stock)
WRMCX-556N-14B-LT-SBR - MCX LT, 14" SBR, 556 - (can be backordered)
WRMCX-556N-16B-LT - MCX LT, 16" Carbine, 556 - (can be backordered)

WRM400-556N-16B-PRO - M400 PRO 16" Carbine - (by order)
WRM400-556N-11B-PRO-SBR - M400, 11.5" SBR - (by order)

WR716I-16B - Sig 716I, 7.62x51 NATO - (backordered)

320 PRO: Full, Carry, and Compact sizes

W320F-9-BXR3-LDC-PRO - 4.7" barrel, 17rd magazine (limited stock)
W320F-9-BXR3-PRO - 4.7" barrel, 17rd magazine (backordered)
W320F-9-BXR3-TXG-PRO - 4.7" barrel, tungsten grip, 17rd magazine (by order only)
W320CA-9-BXR3-PRO - 3.9" barrel, 17d magazine (backordered)
W320C-9-BXR3-PRO - 3.6" barrel, 15rd magazine (by order only)

W320F-9-BXR3-LDC-PRO-RXP (backordered)
W320F-9-BXR3-PRO-RXP (backordered)
W320F-9-BXR3-TXG-PRO-RXP (by order only)
W320CA-9-BXR3-PRO-RXP (backordered)

W320F-9-M17-MS (backordered) - MIL version can be ordered
W320CA-9-M18-MS (MIL version in stock)
W320F-9-M17-MS-BLK (backordered)
W320CA-9-M18-MS (backordered) - MIL version can be ordered
M18 conversion kits (in stock)

PRO RXP Guns (Romeo1Pro Red Dot mounted, w/ Xray3 Tall Sights)


IWI's rifles and pistols can be ordered/backordered.

IWI Z-15 Zion


For first responders and military veterans.

In stock - M&P M2.0 Metal, Optic Ready, NS